2018 MXoN Team Puerto Rico Announces First Round of Donations

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It may sound like a joke, but Ronnie Mac, Travis Pastrana and Ryan Sipes are the three riders that will represent Puerto Rico in the 2018 Motocross of Nations. They won’t only be racing, though, they’ll be raising as much money as possible in relief for Puerto Rico as it’s still recovering from damages that Hurricane Maria caused almost a year ago. They’ve already raised $15,000 in just four days.

Nitro Circus:

San Juan, PR – Just four days after the Federación de Motociclismo de Puerto Rico Inc. announced their 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations team, Team Puerto Rico is excited to announce they have already raised $15K USD and that money is going straight to the Federation De Motociclismo who will put the funds to work throughout the Puerto Rican community.

Pastrana said about the announcement, “The support we received at Unadilla was unreal and the motocross community has already responded in a big way. I can’t wait to get back to the track after so many years away. I’m looking forward to being a part of this fun project and can’t wait to get down to PR later this year and work hands on to help rebuild what we can with the funds we raise.”

With the Motocross of Nations less than two months away, Coach Ricky Johnson is taking the appropriate measures to ensure Pastrana and the rest of the team are in top shape to qualify for this prestigious race. “I’m more than honored to represent the team and Puerto Rico.” said Johnson on the project. “After we announced our intention to qualify for Nations at Unadilla, the fans were ecstatic to support the cause. A family came up during the signing with words of encouragement, cash for a donation, and requested nothing in return. It’s amazing to see how tight knit this [the motocross] community is.”

Gabriel Catala, spokesman for the Federación de Motociclismo de Puerto Rico Inc., is thrilled with the support they have received thus far. “We are very proud and overwhelmed by the effort and support given to Puerto Rico by the MX industry and hope that we can accomplish much more moving forward.” said Catala on the successful announcement of Team Puerto Rico.

For more information, team updates and to offer your support head to www.ronsontop.com.

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Statement from AMA Pro Racing on the Loss of American Flat Track Competitor, Alec Muth

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American Flat Track racer, Alec Muth, succumbed today to injuries sustained during the Black Hills Half-Mile on August 7th. He was 22. Our hearts and condolences go out to his family and friends. Ride in paradise, Alec.


“Alec was a popular guy in the paddock and had a lot of friends in the flat track community,” said Michael Lock, CEO of AMA Pro Racing. “He scored his first points in AFT this year and recorded a very impressive top-ten finish at the OKC Mile, in June. It is extremely sad that his journey through life has been cut so short and our thoughts are with his family at this time.“

“Alec was a hero both on and off the race track,” said Charlie Roberts, Class of ’79, a 501(3)c charity supporting injured riders and their families. “Alec was a fierce competitor, a firefighter, a friend to many and a great son from a loving family. Having made the selfless decision to be an organ donor, his legacy will continue as he gives the gift of life to those in need.”

The Class of ’79 has established a Memorial Fund for Alec Muth, with all donations going directly to Alec’s family. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made at http://www.amaft79.com or by writing a check for Alec Muth Memorial Fund, payable to the Class of ’79 at 3989 Springer Lane, Springfield, Ill. 62711.

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Good Samaritan Motorcyclist Helps Man Catch the Bus

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We live in some pretty crazy times, and sometimes it feels like society would rather watch the world burn rather than to go out of one’s way to help someone else out. Bring up anything remotely political to the wrong person and all of a sudden you could become the devil, or a moron in their eyes just because you have an opinion different from theirs. How about when an older person gets on the train or bus, do younger people still stand up and offer their seat? I hope so, but only if they lift their nose out of their phones for long enough to notice. What about rush hour traffic? The roadways can become battlegrounds as if every last inch of asphalt were sacred or something. God forbid you let someone else merge in front of you because, after all, it’s their fault you’re late, right?

Crazy talk. Fortunately there are good people in this world that are happily willing to go out of their way to help someone else out. Like this motorcyclist for example, who saw a man running down the sidewalk that looked like he was trying to catch a bus. It makes me happy to see this kind of stuff. He didn’t have to stop, he could have easily kept on riding along, but yet he did, and now both of them have a nice story to tell. For this nice deed, the Good Samaritan motorcyclist definitely has some positive karma coming his way.

We do wish he was wearing some better motorcycling gear, but we’ll let that one slide for good behavior.

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Top 10 Adventure Motorcycle Farkles

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For most of us, once we bring a new bike home the first thing we start planning are upgrades. Swapping stock parts or just bolting new ones on, it’s time to start customizing your bike to make it your own.

In the ADV world, some bikes end up like those immaculate Jeeps you see rolling around the city with fresh 35-inch tires, lift kits, and rock crawler bumpers that have never been outside of Orange County. Farkled to the max, yet never being used to their full potential. Though that’s not always the case, it seems the prettier the anodized parts, the less likely they’ll get used. Here are our Top 10 adventure motorcycle farkles whether you’re going to Starbucks or Dakar.

1. Tires

As mentioned in our EZ ADV Upgrades article, tires will make the most drastic change in how your adventure bike handles. If you’re looking to ride your big ol’ adventure ride off-road, knobbier tires are essential to try and maintain traction with all of that weight and horsepower. The market for ADV tires is saturated with offerings running the gamut from 10% off-road/90% on-road and vice versa. Take a look at our Adventure Tire Buyer’s Guide for a few examples from eight great brands.

2. Skid plate

Should you protect the engine of the 550-plus pound motorcycle you intend to take off-road? Hmm. I dunno. It’s true, if you don’t intend to take your bike down much more than a gravel road, you won’t need a skid plate. If you do plan to chase the horizon through whatever the trail throws at you, protecting the underside of your heavy bike is a must. Nothing brings the fun to a halt quicker than a busted engine puking oil all over the trail. Ask me how I know.

Companies like Touratech, Altrider, and Black Dog Cycle Works provide stout offerings for a number of adventure bikes from midsize to full-blown 642-pound BMW R1200GS Adventures. Our recent review of Black Dog Cycle Work’s Ultimate Skid Plate highlights the company’s flagship product.

3. Lights

While OEM headlights have grown increasingly brighter and more useful, in part due to the introduction of LEDs, many still lack the illumination we would prefer. Combining less than stellar lighting and off-road riding is a recipe for disaster. The ever changing terrain on a trail or fire road can require split-second decisions to be made, and when traction is limited, it’s best to be able to see obstacles as far in advance as possible. Baja Designs is one of the premier lighting specialists in off-road racing for both two wheels and four. They make great well-thought-out products that have been tested through the most rigorous racing conditions. Even if you’re not racing or even riding off-road, having better lighting is a welcome comfort when riding through the night.

4. Luggage

In our Motorcycle Saddlebag Buyer’s Guide, we listed 10 great options for motorcycle luggage, which includes five soft options and five hard options for luggage as well as the pros and cons of each. Adding luggage to your motorcycle will change the way you tour, commute, and grocery run. The convenience can’t be overstated. A top case was the first item I purchased after buying my 1190.

5. Crash bars

What is that? You say your inseam isn’t 35 inches? Well, if that’s the case there’s a good chance that adventure bike of yours might end up on its side at some point, whether you ride off-road or not. While some bikes come equipped from the factory with crash protection, it doesn’t always protect all of the expensive plastic parts or engine casings as well as additional protection from the aftermarket might.

6. Engine case protectors

Yet another vital piece of protection. I had to learn the hard way so you all don’t have to. After putting a hole in my own clutch cover and more recently, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports’ stator cover and looking at the thickness ­­– or lack thereof – it’s clear some extra protection is needed. Save yourself the headache of getting stuck trailside and having to get towed back to camp by investing in some extra protection for those engine cases.

7. Ram mount

A convenient quick bolt-on accessory that will have you wondering why you hadn’t slapped one on before. Great for using your smartphone for navigation through uncharted territory.

8. Headlight guard

If you do find yourself riding your adventure bike off-road often with your friends, a headlight guard can come in handy. It’s not always just dust getting kicked up by the rider leading you. One well-placed rock could shatter your headlight when fired out from under the rear tire of a 120-horsepower off-road bike. Headlight guards come in steel and polycarbonate variants. Think of them as safety glasses for your bike. You wouldn’t ride without eye protection, why should your bike?

9. Performance upgrades

For many people, an exhaust is the first thing they swap onto their motorcycles. Typically, folks opt for slip-ons because they’re easier to install and cheaper, but why stop there? As featured in our recent EZ ADV Upgrades series, helping your bike breathe better starts at the intake and Rottweiler Performance makes swapping in a freer flowing system a cinch. Combine that with an exhaust and you can tune a relatively decent amount of power into your bike while smoothing out throttle response. Another performance upgrade often seen in adventure bikes is suspension. Suspension shops can get your setup dialed in for your riding style and size in a way that can transform the handling of your machine.

10. Foot pegs

Traction for you can be just as important as traction for the bike. A set of wide rally-style foot pegs will work wonders on staying in contact with the foot pegs, allowing you to move around and weight them accordingly. They will also help with fatigue if you find yourself standing for extended periods of time. Take a look at our review of the Fastway foot pegs shown above.

These must-have items are a great place to start. Let me know what I’m leaving out in the Comments below!

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2018 Honda CRF250R Recalled for Clutch Failure

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Honda is recalling all 2018 CRF250R motocross bikes because the clutch basket can break, potentially causing the engine to lock up and increasing the risk of a crash. The recall affects about 3,200 motorcycles in the U.S.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, American Honda has received 19 reports of clutch failures, including two that resulted in the engine locking. No injuries were reported.

Here’s what Honda has to say about the recall:

Honda Issues Safety Recall for 2018 CRF250R

American Honda is conducting a safety recall, in conjunction with CPSC, to replace the clutch basket and judder spring on all 2018 CRF250R motorcycles. Under certain conditions, the clutch basket can break and possibly cause the engine to lock up, increasing the risk of a crash and injury hazard.

All registered owners will receive a letter about the safety recall. The clutch basket and judder spring will be replaced with modified parts and the repair will be carried out at no cost to the owner. Dealers have been instructed to stop selling new or used 2018 model-year CRF250R motorcycles until the issue has been rectified.

Additional assistance is available from Honda Motorcycle Customer Support at 866-784-1870, or online at http://powersports.honda.com. (Click “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page.)

And here’s the U.S. CPSC’s statement:

Off-Road Motorcycles Recalled by American Honda Due to Crash and Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)

Recall Details


This recall involves all 2018 Model Year CRF250R off-road motorcycle s. The recalled motorcycle s were sold in a red color. The names “HONDA” and “CRF250R” are printed on the sides of the motorcycle. The model name and model year are printed on a name plate label located at the front right top of the frame, near the steering head.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled off-road motorcycles and contact their local authorized Honda Powersports dealer to schedule an appointment for a free repair. Honda is contacting all known purchasers directly.


American Honda has received 19 reports of clutch failure, including two that led to engine lock up. No crashes or injuries reported.

Sold At:

Authorized Honda Powersports dealers nationwide from November 2017 through July 2018 for about $8,000.


American Honda Motor Company Inc., of Torrance, Calif.

Manufactured In:
Recall number:

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Woman Sets Fire to Husbands Motorcycle Because of his Alleged Meth Use

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Well, that’s not a headline you see everyday. Lighting motorcycles on fire isn’t cool, but then again, neither is doing meth – allegedly…

On this episode of Jerry Springer – Motorcycle Edition, an Ohio woman set her husband’s motorcycle on fire after they had been fighting all day in response to learning that he had taken back up his old hobby of smoking meth. Upset after the argument, the woman wanted to destroy something of his, and so she went after his poor motorcycle.

Read the full story here from the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

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Kawasaki Now Offering Exclusive Ticket Package for MotoAmerica

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Kawasaki is offering its customers a 15% discount on MotoAmerica tickets for this season’s remaining rounds, plus you can ride your Kawasaki on the track during the parade lap and get an escorted grid walk for the Liqui Moly Junior Cup races. Definitely a pretty neat offer for Kawasaki owners interested in road racing.


The Kawasaki Corral Ticket Package Starts Now

COSTA MESA, CA – August 16, 2018 – MotoAmerica has announced that Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. will offer an exclusive ticket package for the remaining 2018 MotoAmerica Series races, beginning with round eight at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, August 24-26.

The new Kawasaki Corral ticket package offers customers a 15 percent discount on ticket purchases to MotoAmerica events (promo code: KAWASAKI). In addition to having the opportunity to ride their own Kawasakis on a parade lap of the racetracks, the Kawasaki Corral ticket package will include an escorted grid walk for all the Liqui Moly Junior Cup races, which feature several Kawasaki Ninja 400s – including the one ridden to victory three times thus far by Ashton Yates.

“It’s awesome that Kawasaki is growing with our series,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. “They started with a great contingency program for our riders who race Kawasakis and now that has expanded to the ticket-package deal. We know this will bring Kawasaki customers to our races and they’ll have the opportunity to cheer on their favorite Kawasaki racers, especially in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup races.”

In addition to its sponsorship of the Kawasaki Corral ticket package, Kawasaki will also be featured in a fan photo booth featuring the Ninja 400 when applicable.

“Kawasaki is excited to offer our loyal fans a unique opportunity to watch America’s top racing talent and get to spin some laps on their own Kawasaki,” said Ken Essex, PR and Race Marketing Manager. “Kawasaki has seen some great success with the all-new Ninja 400 in the Junior Cup as well as the Stock 1000 class on the championship-proven Ninja ZX-10R. MotoAmerica is a great platform for our Ninja customers and now all Kawasaki riders have the opportunity to ride on the Nation’s best tracks.”

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Nate Kern Double R Fest 2018 Coming To VIRginia International Raceway

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Learn from Nate Kern how you can ride smarter and faster at the Nate Kern Double R Fest at VIRginia International Raceway September 15-16.

Begin Release:

Riders of all brands of motorcycles are invited to experience speed and safety through BMW technology and engineering – on two wheels and four – at the Nate Kern Double R Fest, September 15-16, at VIRginia International Raceway. Experts and novices alike will have an opportunity to hone their skills – using their own bikes – on the South Course racetrack under the professional guidance of BMW Motorrad Motorsports advisor and factory road racer Nate Kern. BMW Motorrad apparel and lifestyle items will be available for purchase, courtesy of BMW Motorcycles of Roanoke Valley.

Nate Kern Double R Fest

“The Double R Fest, now in its seventh year, began as a way to bring together the community of BMW S1000RR owners in a spirited atmosphere of camaraderie, product education, and rider training,” commented Kern, a former CCS national champion and current leader in the Battle of the Twins Class Championship on a BMW R nineT. “Since then, its grown into a unique multi-layered track experience.”

Participants at this year’s event – sponsored by Pirelli motorcycle tires – will not only have an opportunity to recalibrate their racing skills with Nate, they will also be able to take hot laps with professional drivers in BMW M cars, courtesy of BMW’s Performance Center. BMW S1000RR data acquisition experts will also be on hand to help program bikes.

“If you’ve ever wanted to test the capabilities of the BMW S1000RR in its natural environment or experience BMW four-wheel performance at its best, here’s your chance,” commented Kern.

Attendance will be limited to 60 riders per day, and participants will experience up to two full days of on-track riding within three skill-level groups. A catered lunch will be included on both days as well as a group dinner for all attendees on Saturday night. A limited number of rooms are available at VIRginia International Raceway. Call 434-822-7700 ext. 101 for The Lodge and ask for rooms booked under Nate Kern’s DoubleRFest. For registration and information, visit: www.natekerntrackexperience.configio.com. For directions and information about VIRginia International Raceway, visit http://virnow.com/.

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“King Henry” Wiles Goes for Unprecedented 14th Straight Peoria TT Win this Saturday

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How many guys can say they’ve won a major race 13 times in a row? Henry Wiles can, as he attempts to make it 14 this weekend at the Peoria TT, but surely it won’t be easy. Watch it all go down live at FansChoice.tv!


DAYTONA BEACH, FL – August 15, 2018 – On Saturday, August 18, American Flat Track heads to central Illinois for the longest-running event in the Grand National Championship history: the legendary – and 72nd annual – Peoria TT presented by Country Saloon.

Just as they have since 1947, flat track fans will jam every hillside, nook and cranny of the Peoria Motorcycle Club’s beautiful, amphitheater-like venue to watch the best flat track racers in the world do battle on what’s arguably one of the world’s most unique race tracks.

Featuring a longer-than-it-looks front straight, increasing-radius corners at each end and the legendary Peoria jumps on the backstretch, the PMC TT circuit promises loads of action and drama.

This will be especially true this Saturday (not Sunday this year!) with Henry ‘Hammerin’ Hank’ Wiles (No. 17 Bandit Industries/Wilco Racing/Willing Built Kawasaki Ninja 650) gunning for his almost unbelievable 14th straight AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines victory at Peoria.

“I feel blessed to be in this position,” said Wiles. “Peoria is a great place to be if you’re the fastest guy, because the track often offers multiple lines, and you can pass and not get stuck behind people. I’m feeling good about this weekend. My ability. My fitness. And the Kawasaki I’m riding is the best it’s been. Should be a good day.”

Of course, Buffalo Chip TT winner Jake Johnson (No. 5 Estenson Racing/McCandless Truck Center Indian Scout FTR750) and reigning AFT Twins champion (and points leader, and DAYTONA TT winner) Jared Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Rogers Racing/SDI Scout FTR750) might have something to say about another Wiles win.

You can’t count out the factory Harley-Davidsons of Sammy Halbert and Jarod Vanderkooi (Nos. 69 and 20 Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Team XG750R) either, who ran up front at last week’s Buffalo Chip TT. Seeing orange and black on the podium would have fans flashing back to Jay Springsteen’s win on an XR750 back in 1983 – the last time a Harley-Davidson twin won at Peoria, before Singles became the temporary norm there.

If there’s an AFT Twins Wild Card this weekend it’s arguably TT expert Hayden Gillim (Indian Motorcycle/Cycle World/S&S Cycle Scout FTR750), who was seriously fast at the Buffalo Chip TT on the Indian Scout FTR750.

It’s bound to be a wild ride in the closely contested AFT Singles championship, too, where there have been nine different winners in 13 events in 2018. Two-time 2018 TT winner Dan Bromley (No. 62 KTM North America/Bromley Motorsports 450 SX-F) leads the championship chase, but a host of riders are sure to be quick.

They include Jesse Janisch (No. 132 Roof Systems/West Bend Harley-Davidson-backed Yamaha YZ450F), last year’s AFT Singles winner at Peoria; reigning AFT Singles champ Kolby Carlile (No. 1 Estenson Racing/McCandless Truck Center Yamaha YZ450F), who came second last year after a good battle with Janisch; and Ben Lowe (No. 20 Bruce Lowe Excavating/Lowe Life Perf/MJ Whelan Construction Honda CRF450R), who grabbed the final podium spot in 2017.

It’s sure to be a good ol’ Illinois dogfight.

Gates open at 8:00 am CT, with practice and qualifying starting at 10:30 am CT. An autograph signing/open-paddock fan walk is scheduled for 12:30 pm CT, with racing beginning at 2:00 pm CT. Main Events are scheduled for 3:45 pm CT (AFT Singles) and 4:20 pm CT (AFT Twins). Catch all the AFT live streaming action on FansChoice.tv at https://www.fanschoice.tv/american-flat-track

For a thoroughly in-depth Peoria TT experience with flag-to-flag coverage of both Main Events enhanced by drone and onboard footage, be sure to catch the NBC Sports feature telecast of the Peoria TT presented by Country Saloon when it premieres on NBCSN on Saturday, September 1 at 3:00 pm ET (12:00 pm PT). Be sure to check your local listings, or for the complete broadcast schedule for AFT on NBCSN, please visit http://www.americanflattrack.com/events-nbcsn

Tickets start at just $25 online ($30 at the gate), with VIP tickets going for $125. Ages 12 and under are free. VIP tickets include close-up parking, air-conditioned clubhouse viewing with private outside viewing area, food and drink, Budweiser and Miller products and free souvenir swag. Both are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/72nd-american-flat-track-grand-national-championship-presented-by-country-saloon-tickets-43402959420

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Watch Both MotoAmerica Superbike Full Races from Round 7 at Sonoma

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For those unaware, MotoAmerica took over the AMA Superbike Series in 2015 and is currently the premier motorcycle road racing series here in the United States. Its primary goal was/is to reinvigorate the sport of motorcycle road racing in North America, and to act as a feeder series to showcase riders and ultimately send them up through the ranks to race against the top-level big boys in World Superbike and MotoGP. Since its establishment in 2015, MotoAmerica has grown and evolved, and there are currently five classes: Superbike, Stock 1000, Supersport, Twins and Junior Cup.

This past weekend hosted Round 7 of the 2018 series at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California, and in case you missed the action, or want to rewatch it, we’ve got both Superbike races in their entirety below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…

MotoAmerica races are broadcast live on the beIN Sports Network – also MotoGP and World Superbike.

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