MV Agusta F4Z Teaser Video

MV Agusta released a video teasing a new motorcycle produced with coachbuilder Zagato. The Italian design firm is best known for creating bodywork for exotic cars such as Maseratis and Aston Martins, so a collaboration with a company like MV Agusta seems like a natural fit.

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The video provides some clues about the motorcycle, which MV Agusta’s Facebook page confirms will be called the F4Z. The 49-second teaser offers a glimpse of some of the F4Z’s details. From its name, it’s safe to assume the F4Z will be powered by the 998cc inline-Four. Overlaying a shot of the F4Z’s engine and frame over the 2016 F4 R shows a similar-looking engine as well as an identical chrome-molybdenum steel trellis frame with cast-aluminum side plates.


The big difference is the bodywork, which is where Zagato stepped in. The F4Z fairings and tank are luxuriously painted in a red and silver color scheme. The side panels reveal more of the engine and frame than the current F4’s fairing, and are attached by Dzus fasteners.

From the profile shot at the top, it looks like the F4Z does away with the F4’s signature under-tail organ-pipe exhaust. The video shows a single exhaust that exits below the F4Z’s belly.


Up front, the F4’s diamond-shaped headlight has been replaced by a small, dial-shaped circular lamp beneath a hood-shaped nose. Further up, we can make out a floating windscreen.

The video does have a few odd quirks. There is a lingering close-up of sloppy-looking electrical wiring and the F4Z’s silhouette is highlighted against a lightshow that bizarrely still bares a stock video provider’s watermark. Still, we eagerly wait for the full unveiling on Sept. 4 to see what Zagato has done to make the F4Z look even sexier.

081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-engine-cover 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-engine-frame-rear-shock 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-exhaust 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-front 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-front-2 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-fuel-tank 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-profile 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-seat 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-shape-1 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-shape-2 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-shape-composite 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-tank-frame 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-vent 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-wiring 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-z-logo 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-vs-f4rr-animated 081116-2017-mv-agusta-f4z-teaser-dzus-fastner

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