Harley-Davidson Potential Victim of President Trumps Proposed Trade War

The European Union is planning on implementing import tariffs on many high-profile American products as a retaliation measure to President Donald Trump’s proposal on Thursday that the U.S. would place a 25% tax on imported steel and a 10% tax on aluminum.

The European Commission’s President, Jean-Claud Juncker, announced that the EU would target Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Kentucky bourbon and Levi’s jeans.

Great. Just what Harley-Davidson needs…

“We are here and they will get to know us. We would like a reasonable relationship to the United States, but we cannot simply put our head in the sand,” Juncker told a German TV station.

“President Trump shouldn’t undercut his own goal of helping U.S. manufacturers ‘win’ again by imposing counterproductive tariffs on steel imports,” said Dennis Slater, President of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, a Milwaukee-based trade group that represents makers of agricultural and construction equipment.

For more info details , check out the Reuters story here, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal article, here.


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