BMW Announces 2017 R1200 Series Updates

BMW announced a number of updates for its liquid-cooled boxer models. The R1200R, R1200RT, R1200RS and R1200GS all return with some minor changes while the R1200GS Adventure is also back, now with a new special edition Triple Black variant.

For 2017, all R1200 models receive judder dampers on the transmission output shaft (formerly standard equipment for just the R1200GS Adventure), along with revised selector drum actuators, transmission shafts and transmission shaft bearing. As well, 2017 models receive a new on-board diagnostics indicator light as per Euro 4 requirements.

2017 BMW R1200GS, GS Adventure and GS Adventure Triple Black


In the most minor of updates, the 2017 GS models receive an updated instrument panel. Apart from the new OBD indicator light, the panel has different trim and a blue line going around the inside of the speedometer and tachometer. The layout is otherwise identical to the instrument panel on previous models.

The 2017 R1200GS also gets new optional crash bars and cylinder guards similar to those found on the GSA. As for the Adventure model, it loses the Ocean Blue metallic matt color option.

It does, however, gain a Triple Black version. The central fuel tank cover, storage compartment lid and front fender are painted Blackstorm metallic, while the fuel tank side panels are a Dark Slate metallic. Topping it off is the technically not-black Agate Grey frame, and black engine, gearbox and swingarm.

070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223365_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223370_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223371_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223369_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223367_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223368_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200gs-adventure-triple-black-P90223366_highRes

2017 BMW R1200R


The 2017 R1200R receives banking-optimized ABS Pro and for European models, dynamic brake light, both offered in conjunction with the Riding Modes Pro option. A new Racing Red color replaces the 2016 model’s Cordoba Blue and Light White finishes while the white tank with blue frame “Style 1” color option returns, now renamed “R1200R Sport.”

070416-2017-bmw-r1200r-P90223379_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200r-P90223380_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200r-P90223378_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200r-P90223382_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200r-P90223383_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200r-P90223381_highRes

2017 BMW R1200RS

070416-2017-bmw-r1200rs-P90223386_highResLike the R1200R roadster, the faired RS version receives banking-optmized ABS Pro and dynamic brake lights with the Riding Modes Pro option. Granite Grey metallic matt color option is no longer available while the Light White metallic/Magellan Grey option pictured gets renamed “R1200RS Sport.”

070416-2017-bmw-r1200rs-P90223386_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rs-P90223384_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rs-P90223385_highRes

2017 BMW R1200RT


Like the R and RS, the R1200RT receives banking-optimized ABS Pro and dynamic brake lights with the Riding Modes Pro option. The Ebony metallic and San Marino Blue metallic options have been phased out. The Platinum Bronze color returns with the new Carbon Black metallic and Alpine White color options.

070416-2017-bmw-r1200rt-P90223377_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rt-P90223375_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rt-P90223376_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rt-P90223374_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rt-P90223372_highRes 070416-2017-bmw-r1200rt-P90223373_highRes

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